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Excerpt from my proposal:

Drive-by Healing: Can malicious hacking techniques be used for good?

This dissertation project will look at the nature of drive-by download attacks. These malicious hacking techniques are used to manipulate and infect computers all over the globe, proving a real menace to the people and corporations who fall victim to these attacks. The title of the dissertation is “Drive-by Healing: Can malicious hacking techniques be used for good?” and the goal of this research is to investigate whether the same exploits that allow malicious drive-by download attacks can be used in an ethical and positive manner. By broadcasting an open wireless network from a customised router it is envisaged that users will connect to the network and whilst using the access point as their internet connection quietly download code that would be used to update security holes rather than exploit them. The user will be made aware of the “quiet update” and will only be allowed to connect to the internet via the router on the condition of acceptance.

Additionally, each user who connects to the Wi-Fi network and accepts the terms will be prompted, but not required, to fill out a questionnaire. This will provide qualitative data on how the user personally feels about quiet downloads, if they noticed their system was being updated and if they would use such a system again.

It is believed this research will prove to be worthwhile, showing both that drive-by download attacks can be used as an ethically good tool and also showing that users are willing to accept changes being made to their PC when they are informed it is for the good of their system.

The plan of action for my project

  • Setting up the Lab
  • Re-configuring Router
  • Writing T&Cs
  • Writing Questionnaire
  • Wi-Fi & Router Testing
  • Documenting of tasks
  • Drive-by DownloadCode
  • Analysis of Results
  • Reporting

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